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Typical Session #01

What happens when you have a Reflexology treatment

On your first visit, a detailed consultation will generally be undertaken, its purpose being to establish overall health, medical history, lifestyle and demographic information. This first session will normally last 75/90 minutes.

Subsequent sessions will last between 45 minutes and one hour.

You will not be required to undress, simply to remove your shoes and stockings. Ladies will probably find it more comfortable to wear slacks.

You will be seated in an adjustable reclining massage chair, pillows will be used to provide support.

Most clients seem to enjoy listening to soft background music whilst having their treatment, and a range of CD's including Classical, Body Mind Spirit, Modern Instrumental etc, are available, however it is not mandatory, and the decision rests with the client.

Price List:

Single treatment:.......................£25.00

Additional treatments qualify for a 10% discount = £22.50 or

Book a course of 4 treatments and pay at time of booking; Get 5th treatment free

'Basildon Reflexology' for when your feet need a helping hand!

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