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Today: 4/1/2009   Last Updated: 6/11/2008

FAQ #01

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can anyone have a reflexology treatment?

A.There are very few situations where it is inappropriate to treat. Where there is any doubt, I always advise my clients to speak to their GP.

Q.How long does a treatment take?

A. 1st session-75/90minutes. Subsequent sessions-45/60minutes.

Q.Can reflexology affect my medication?

A.Possibly! You should always speak to your doctor before commencing therapy.

Q.My feet are ticklish!

A.I have treated hundreds of clients, I have yet to have a client who was too ticklish to have treatment.

Q.Will the treatment hurt?

A.Sometimes reflexes are sensitive, this may indicate that these parts of the body are congested or out of balance. Pressure will be adjusted as necessary.

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